Hi my name is Tim Bogdanov and I will be climbing Everest without bottled oxygen this May.

If you would like to support me and get a nice postcard from one of my photos along the way, then check out the options below and dont forget to add your adress!

I will then send you a personal postcard from the Himalayas, Andes or even Everest, that you will receive home to your mailbox!


10 usd support level 1:

Get a postcard from the High Andes or the trek in to Everest basecamp. Please specify Andes or Himalayas location you prefer to get the postcard from together with your name and adress at the donation page. Its also possible to get multiple cards from me 🙂

20 usd support level 2:

Get a postcard from between Everest basecamp 5300m and my camp 2 at 7100m. Please specify adress at the donation page.

50 usd support level 3:

Get a postcard from highcamp at 8000m. Get a postcard from the famous south col between Everest and Lhotse.

100 usd maximum support level:

Get a postcard from the highest point on the planet, 8848m summit of Everest! If I wont reach the summit I will send your money back.

To support from Sweden use swish to nr: +4746220656

Or swish QR code:

To support from Norway use vipps to nr: +4746845664

Or vipps QR code:

To support from other countries use my my gofoundme page:


Thanks for your support! It really means the world to me as I almost dont have any sponsors for my Everest without oxygen climb. And enjoy your unique postcard from me!

Tim Bogdanov

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