Some inspiration from the bicycletouring community in Sweden:
Janne Corax Tibet specialist and legend
Lars Bengtsson Inspiration, great storytelling and photography
Tom Hermansson Snickars one more classic
Nicolai Bansgaard 4 years around the world by bike
Niklas Lautakoski Swedish adventurer, entreprenur and guide
Stefan Pickney Adventurer and touringcyclist
Carl-David Granbäck South America
Peder af Geijerstam Some big trips
Emil Börner Inspiration
Johan Miörner Thailand, Laos, Yunnan, Sichuan
Ulrik Malmberg  Alot about West Africa
Info sites about touringcycling:
Friedel & Andrew Plenty of inspiration
Go Bicycle Touring Endless bicycletouring blogs

Inspiration from abroad:

Peter Gostelow Touringcyclist

Daisuke Nakanishi 11 years on the road

Alistar Humpreys Adventures and microadventures

Beat Heim Lots of road info on Tibet

Cyclists that I have meet:

Loretta Henderson Female solo cyclist from Canada Canadian couple on a cycling world tour Christian Bomio 55000km on the road so far

Charlie Walker on a 4 year long world tour, sneakt in to Tibet

Mike The backpacker who became a touring cyclist, great choice!

Jan and Jan Cycling couple I meet in Dali, thanks for the Karakoram documentary!

Bicycle Photography Grace Johnson and Paul Jeurissen, best bicycle touring photographys online

Jonatan Ver Helst Touring cyclist from Belgium I meet in Shangri-La

Corina and Philpp from Switzerland

Tone and Fia from Nederlands

Nico from France cycling from Japan to France, we cycled together in Yunnan

Delphine On a bike from Asia to France

Chris from UK, we cycled parts of KKH together

Julian cycling London to Kathmandu