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Even as a 3 year old, I took my tricycle down the steep slopes of southern Russia with a wooden plank as the saddle. Not much has really happened since then except that the support wheels have been removed and the slopes have become larger. My quest for variety and excitement has resulted in a series of bicycle adventures and other projects. Having a relatively large experience in the field of long-distance cycling I also posess the world touringcyclists innermost secret, the belief that the Earth is a pretty nice place and not hostile, even though I have been both robbed, and chased by tribal Somalis with swords.

In recent years, my interest in high altitude mountaineering has increased, because that environment often gives satisfying challenges in some of the planet’s most spectacular places.


Adventurer of the Year 2013 in Sweden


Number of countries visited: 72

Number of countries cycled: 52

Number of kilometers cycled in the travel purpose: about 55000km

Summited mountains over 8000m (no02): Dhaulagiri 2021 main summit, Manaslu 2018 foresummit (commercial summit), Annapurna I 2022 (heli rescued from 7000m due to severe frostbite and getting in trouble high up on the mountain)

Summited mountains over 7000m: Peak Lenin, Peak Khorzhenevskaya, Peak Kommunizma

Summited mountains over 6000m: 28

Summited mountains over 5000m: 15

Bigwalls: Sphinx, Peru. 1985 normal route (6c crux on about 5000m) together with Uli Czopak

Number of passes over 5000m by bicycle: 4

Highest point without bike: 8167m (Dhaulagiri)

Highest point by bike: 5416m (Thorong La pass, Nepal)

Best country for bicycle touring: China

Best country for off-road cycling: Mongolia

Nicest people: Uzbekistan

Worst country bicycle touring: Ethiopia

Longest cross-country tour: Alingsås-Beijing through northeastern Africa, 2007-2008, 23400km

Some unique places the bike has taken me to:

Biked across Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt desert in the world, Bolivia

Asbestos mining town Mangyazhen in Xinjiang, China

Yemen’s pristine beaches and fishing villages

Danakil desert is said to be Earth’s warmest place. Ethiopia

Manali-Leh highway with all its huge passes and views, northern India.

The sterile high altitude desert of Puna de Atacama located on the border between northern Chile and Argentina.

Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

Visit to a shockingly primitive recycling plant in Syria

Odd meetings:

Been awakened in the middle of the night in an abandoned factory of a man with one eye with a rifle and the barking dog at his side. Turkey

Drinking vodka with police at 3 am on an policestation in Kyrgyzstan to celebrate that we had gotten back my bike and my things that one day earlier had been stolen.

Shared a big bowl of rice and tuna with ten Somalis on a boattrip across the Gulf of Aden.

Seen wild elephants clearing the jungle along the road in India.

Camped with nomads in Mongolia.

Was chased together with two other cyclists by border police when we rode into Tibet in the middle of the night.

Opened a sports bar in Muscat, Oman and got to stay at the Holiday Inn for free for a few nights.

Have been questioned about my religious views of both Afghan truck drivers and American border police.

Got small children crying in fear when they saw me in Africa.

Tried to learn a few words in Quechua language from one Inca descendant in Peru.

Talked about Borat and natural resource-based growth explosion in Kazakhstan.

High Altitude summit collection (5000m plus):


Peak Lenin (7134m)

Peak Korhzenevskaya (7105m) solo summit day ascent

Peak Kommunizma (7495m) opened up the mountain in 2018


Annapurna I 8091m, No02 (heli rescued from 7000m due to severe frostbite and hallucinations)

Dhaulagiri 8167m, No02, first swedish complete climb of Dhaulagiri

Manaslu 8160m, No02 (fore summit), 2018

5671m Damavand, Iran, 2008

Stok Kangri 6153m, India 2011

South America:

6962m Aconcagua, Argentina 2013

Ojos del Salado 6893m, (done it from both Argentina and Chile) (Solo from Argentina and with Malli Mastan Babu from Chilean side 2013)

Pissis 6793m, Argentina (Solo 2016)

6759m Bonete, Argentina (with Lars Bengtsson 2013)

Tres Cruces Sur 6748m, Argentina (Solo 2016)

Huascaran Sur 6746m, Peru (with Marcel Comamalo 2015)

Llullaillaco 6739m, Chile / Argentina (with Connie Grasser 2016)

Mercedario 6710m, Argentina (Solo 2016)

Cazadero 6670m, Argentina (Solo 2013)

Huascaran Norte 6655m, Peru (Solo 2015)

Tres Cruses Central 6629m, Argentina (Solo 2020)

Incahuasi 6621m, Argentina (Solo 2016)

Tupungato 6570m, Argentina (with David Logan Martins and Melodie)

Sajama 6550m , Bolivia (Solo 2013)

Volcano Ata 6522m, Argentina (Solo 2022)

El Muerto 6507m, Argentina (Solo 2022)

Nacimientos 6470m, Argentina (Solo 2020)

Cerro Los Patos 6249m, Argentina (Solo 2022)

Olmedo 6225m, Argentina (Solo 2020)

Volcano Solo 6220m, Argentina (Solo 2022)

Medusa 6139m, Argentina (Solo 2020)

El Fraile 6061m, Argentina (Solo 2022)

Vulcano San Fransisco 6034m (Speed attempt from Las Grutas in 2020, 29km roundtrip)

Tres Cruses Norte 6034m, Argentina (Solo 2020)

Vulcano Viento 6022m, Argentina (Solo 2020)

Muertito 6009m, Argentina (Solo 2022)

Toclaraju 5980m, Peru (with Cesar Augusto Vicuna Pajuelo and Alexander Chaves 2015)

Cordon Plata 5935m, Argentina  (2013, 2020, 2022)

Chocula, Argentina 5906m (Solo 2020)

Volcan San Jose 5856, Chile (Solo 2012)

Vallunaraju 5780m, Peru (with Marcel Comomalo 2015)

Pisco 5752m, Peru (Solo 2013)

Ishinca 5530m, Peru (with Augusto Vicuna Pajuelo 2015)

Cerro Vallecitos 5435m, Argentina (2020)

Cerro Plomo 5424m, Chile (Solo 2012)

Urus Este 5420m, Peru (Solo 2015)

The Sphinx 5325m, Peru (Bigwall climb 2015, normal route with 6c crux pitch on 5000m) with Uli Czopak

Cerro Rincon 5315m, Argentina (Solo 2020)

5004m Bonete, Argentina (acclimatization Peak Aconcagua)

Trekking routes:


Annapurna circuit 2011 with bicycle

Annapurna basecamp 2018

Mardi Himal trek 2018

Khumbu region 2021

Langtang from Kathmandu (Sundarijal) exit via Ganja la pass 2021


Walk in to basecamp Moskvina 2017 with Douglas Asplund and 2018 (solo)

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