May it be bicycletouring, trailrunning, hiking, climbing, skiing or other outdoor activity. There are great benefits to travel outdoors and this list will give you some direct understanding to why.


Bonete Chico 2

Puna de Atacama Argentina the peak visible is Veladero (6436m) Once you leave the paved roads and with that the last connection to civilization the adventure feeling is undeniable.



1. Your body and mind were not designed through evolution to sit still indoors. When you start to activate your body with motion in a natural environment your systems will thank you with all kinds of benefits from feelings of joy to increased immune system functionality.


2. Your tolerance for other people will grow. Your patience for experiences in general will expand. Patience and accepting what is at any moment, is another great quality that will be forced to development out of exposing yourself to the less comfortable elements of outdoor adventures like weather management or pushing through a long day.

3. Experiencing the kindness and being able to connect to strangers through the way you travel. There is a big difference arriving in a jeep or a bicycle to a remote village somewhere on the planet. People react depending on your means of transportation. People will recognize your fearless attitude, travelling exposed to the world and just might want to help you out, with food, water or accommodation.

4. Escaping the ordinary. Everyday will be a new day with new experiences and new people. You will not know where you will be sleeping next and that will be a great feeling of freedom.



Enjoy the greatest artistic work on the planet! Photo taken in Cordillera Blanca range, Peru


5. You will experience the greatest artist of them all, nature. It can be very fulfilling exploring new places in nature that are visually rewarding. Bring a camera and capture the greatest moments, colors, summits, mountains, waterfalls and sunsets.

6. You will have time to catch up with your favorite podcast or book. If the landscape is not enough to entertain you there is a full internet universe to dig into and expand on your interests, download and enjoy beyond the borders of civilization.


7. Human powered adventures directly translates to putting in the work that will generate  greater rewards later on. It can be a meal, a camp spot or a destination. Your fitness and body function will also rise and adapt to the activity that you are doing.

8. Confidence that is created with a completed adventure project will boost you into new spaces in your mind and ideas for greater adventures in the future. It will make you dream bigger.


9. Going solo will make it easier for you to meet new people from around the world and you can find out who you are outside of your group of friends or coworkers. It will also help you to develop your relationship with yourself. You will appreciate relationships and friendships more once you have been without them for a while.


10. Creating memories for a lifetime is something of true value that cant be taken away from you. Going through an adventure with friends will create a special bond that will last for a lifetime and can bring a lot of value through the years when you see each other again and bring up that time you climbed a mountain or cycled across the planet.



Completing Tanglangla pass (5328m) highest road pass I have done with a fully loaded bicycle. North India.


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