After about 10 years of experience creating big adventures like cycling to China from Sweden or climbing the 10 highest peaks in Americas. I want to share with you some of my best tools to disconnect from my habits in society and going from idea to real life adventures, creating memories for a lifetime. 

Doesn’t matter if you want to be able to explore the wilderness outside your town or travel across the globe to climb first accents, this will help you, keep yourself centered and remembering the important stuff that will keep you on your path towards exploration beyond civilization and society or explorations beyond your earlier perceived mental and physical limitations.


Highcamp at about 5900m of Ojos del Salado (6893m), worlds highest vulcano. In this area I dident see any human for eight days and had no connection to the outside world at all. I believe everyone needs to experience a true disconnect from society at least once during their existance to reflect on life and gain perspective.

So let me share with you my best tools tools to do this:

1. Continuity, commitment and long term investment of your time! You should do something everyday that brings you closer to the starting line, it can be training, visualization, planning or working on your social media presence, or a combination of everything. Connect to others with similar interest and put your time and energy into the process.

2. Priority! The adventure you want to create must have enough priority for you to change habits that have previously hold you back. When your priories are set, its easy to set aside time to whats truly important for you.

3. Money for adventures! It needs to be saved while working. Your value creation for others can also be transformed to money or equipment for your project. Sponsorships and cooperations can be created, it all depends on the values you can bring.


Invited for Yak butter tea in a Tibetan village. The kindness of strangers is a great experience, bring something small from your home country and give as a gift. If the people are very poor it can be a good idea to give away a small amount of money.

4. Purpose! Look deep inside of you and define the reasons clearly for your adventure. Your motivation to follow through what you are set out to do is dependent on your purpose to be important to you, otherwise you might be back home sooner then expected when things are starting to challenge your comfort levels.

5. Training and preparations! This is the optimal way creating the best conditions for you to enjoy the planet while on your adventure. It will also help you prevent injury and help your body deal with the physical challenges. Visualization combined with physical training like running is powerful and will accelerate your journey and build confidence. When you start to get goosebumps while training and thinking of the adventure, thats how you know that you are on the right path. Trust those goosebumps on your skin!

6. Nutrition! Look over your eating habits, and experiment with foods and spices that will be available during your adventure. When you travel to new places your stomach will experience a lot of new bacteria. Your bacteria culture will change and trust me it will make an impact to your overall experience and might even make you cancel your adventure. It can be hard to imitate the bacteria culture of India for example thats why a lot of people that goes there will have at least a couple of panic shits or experience other stomach issues. The people that dont have any problems usually have plenty of travel experience and have build up a solid army of bacteria from all over the planet. So my advice is, give your system some time to adapt to the new location and food alternatives before pushing your body into a challenging adventure.

7. Gear! Its important that you can sleep and recover properly while camping out. Put money into this. A good tent that wont rip apart in windy conditons and get you wet is crucial to your recovery and overall experience. Also consider weight to function ratio of things. I dont have the newest gear and I like to carry a lot.  So dont be afraid to go heavy or opposite ultralight. It all depends on your priorities.


I use a 105 liter backpack from Mountain Hardwear. I like things that last specially when I am on a long adventure.

8. Fear and attitude! A lot of the fear for what you are about to embark on is manifested in your super cautious preparations. Remember that if all things are known about your adventure its not an adventure anymore. All doubt in yourself needs to be handled and be replaced by positivism. This dosent mean that you should go and climb Everest without oxygen next month. It means that when you are ready you will know when that time arrives, and that journey is accelerated by a daily positive mind!

9. Get inspired! Use your free time to read about others that are doing similar things to what you want to create. Start follow these people on social medias and get daily inspiration. Also when your value system and that inner voice is craving adventure it should by itself inspire you to new explorations.

10. Lets go! Stop hesitating and act on your intuition today. Create something new that will show you more of your authentic self, and deepen your own spiritual connection. I recommend exploring solo or with a partner or a larger group of friends, all have their benefits and are worth trying. To start and get your questions some answers join some facebook communities were random friendly people will help you on your journey, just dont be afraid to ask for advice, people will help you out for free. To ask me for advice just connect with me on facebook, Instagram or youtube.

Here is a list of facebook adventure communities that will help you create your adventure:

English speaking adventurers alliance:

Mostly for Scandinavian adventurers but open for everyone, I am active here:

Do you need help with creating a bicycletour?

Swedish bicycletouring community, I am also active here:

Mountain Adventures:


Trailrunning Sweden:

Help me win the male adventurer of the year award in Sweden for 2016, the winner will be decided in mars 2017. Give me a vote far down in this link and choose a female contender  aswell to make the vote count:

Thanks alot and connect with me on social medias I am sharing adventure content, advice and travel inspiration.

Cover photo for this blogpost taken by Lostcyclist on the high altitude Puna desert in Argentina. Check out his great homepage here.



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