Fann mountains of Tadjikistan and preparations for Peak Kommunizma 7495m

Here is a short drone video I did from Alaudin valley were we passed beautiful lakes and high mountains.

I will start walking in to Moskvina basecamp on the 8 of July. When in basecamp I will get some more acclimatization and start climbing Peak Kommunizma when I feel ready to do so. I will try to find people to climb with in the basecamp and the walk in to bc I will probably do alone similar route as we did last year. Probably I will be able to post through the satellite wifi in basecamp but it will be very expensive and will be very sporadic. You can follow my progress on instagram: @timbogdanov

I plan to be back in Dushanbe in the end of July again.



Cycling to the FIFA world cup 2018

I reached my goal Nizhny Novgorod after cycling 2500km from my hometown, Göteborg. It was fantastic to be at the Nizhny stadium and watch Sweden win over South Korea in their first world cup game. Here is my drone video summary of the tour: did video series about the journey as well and the first part you can watch below:

I am still collecting money for the my charity project in Kyrgyzstan and its possible to donate here.

Now its time for new adventures in fantastic Tadjikistan!



New season, new projects and new collaboration

Well its that time of the year again, finally my outdoor season have started. Seven months in Oslo are finished and now its time to make reality of some new adventure projects again.

First off I am cycling to support the Swedish national team in the Football World cup in Russia. I want to honor the team effort after the Swedish national team made it through the qualifier and playoffs which demanded pushing the team effort to the limits of its capacity.

Also I am collecting money to our charity project in Kyrgyzstan. This will be brought to awareness during the trip and we hope to collect all funds needed to build the Uplift community house for disabled children and their families. Please support and read more here.



Thanks to Cykelhuset in my hometown in Göteborg for helping out to prepare my bicycle!



The bicycletour will also be a great preseason for our upcoming high altitude climbs in Central Asia. We will be pushing our capabilities to new limits while trying to complete the Snow leopard award that consists of the five highest summits, all above 7000m, in the former soviet union.

The team will also consist of Douglas Asplund and young filmmaker Noah Sandgren this season.

I have also teamed up with my new main sponsor Betfinal.



Looking forward to work with Betfinal from now on!


This feels like a good collaboration with an important focus of helping out my charity, and making an impact were it really matters. Betfinal has a conscious approach as a company and I really liked that. Also being someone who regularly likes to place bets on Football and UFC fights its interesting for me to explore and collaborate with a company that are working with online betting. Betfinal will create some really good content based on my projects so stay tuned for that.

On the 18 of May I am starting my bicycletour and the adventure season starts for real!

Follow my progress and daily updates here:


My Facebook group for the cyclingtour to Russia (in swedish)    

You can find me on Facebook and Youtube for further content and updates.


And dont forget to get out and create your own adventure projects!

See you from the road next time!







Film about our Peak Lenin climb 2017

My climbing partner last summer Noah Sandgren created this film telling our story from Kyrgyzstan, its a great insight into unsupported high altitude mountaineering.

Follow Noah on Instagram:


Go and create your adventure!




9 reasons why you should choose to climb a high mountain

I dedicate a big part of my life to collecting summits all over the world and I wanted to share my main reasons why collecting high mountains is such a great thing to dedicate yourself to.


On the slopes of Peak Korzhenevskaya (7105m) Tadjikistan 2017

The summit gratification

The goal is very clear and the reward is topped off with a usually very beautiful 360 degree view. I always take time to take in the landscape and taking a few summit photos and videos. The harder the challenge the stronger the internal reward. There is no spectators in this arena but its still your arena and it can be very emotional, on my hardest solo ascents I have been screaming out loud like I would have scored the final goal in a world cup soccer final on other summits I have been crying because it can be a very emotional experience specially on the solo summits. The energy received at the summit can also make the descent easier. A small warning: the understanding of that the most accidents happen on the way down is also very important to be aware off. Willpower is needed to succeed but it can also kill you, if you are pushing yourself to hard and dont have enough energy to make it down.

How I live my life

I make better choices in everyday life when I have big mountain plans. I focus on training, recovery, nutrition, plenty of sleep and my mental health. All those components need to be in place during the preseason and that season is pretty much the hole year when I am not on the mountains. Living an active lifestyle also prevents aging and contributes to a better mental health and prevents depression symptoms.

Life on the mountain

The skill to survive outside of society in some of the toughest and coldest conditions this planet can present and on that pushing my body in the oxygen low environment that the high mountains presents. These situations are usually uncomfortable and presents great opportunity for mental practice. To still be grateful of life and keeping a positive state of mind is the way to push through hard moments for me and never let tiredness and fatigue affect how I view and respond to my climbing parters. If I can master this at altitude it will be easy to maintain in everday life and I do measure myself in the way I treat other people.

Dealing with failure

Sometimes I dont summit. To learn when to cancel a summit attempt is very important. It can be a great practice in recognizing the ego and having a bigger perspective on life when climbs dont go my way. Accepting defeat and improving for the next project is the way I choose. Make the summit or get new insights about yourself, the route, the weather or the agency that is providing your climb. In life we all fail sometimes and learning to deal failure is one of the best ways to improve in any area.

The nature experience beyond civilization vs materialism 

I feel most alive above 6000m were the air is thin, surviving is a struggle and the views are worldclass. Collecting these experiences have a greater value to me then owning any material thing.

Learning full responsibility

In a environment were there is no room for mistakes I learn to avoid them and prevent them, when you know the consequences can be death it shifts your focus. This is something very hard to simulate in society. Everything from equipment to partners needs to be overseen and potential risks considered. When a misstake happens its usually not the first that kills you but the following ones that are a result from the first one, so recognize them early from early signs of high altitude sickness to lack of your own knowledge about to the mountain. Learning to take real responsibility for your actions is more important then ever when living in a society that promotes mediocracy and consumption culture.

The adventure I get and the people I meet

The adventure in it self and all the unknown things and meetings that happen as a result from taking the decision to commit to a mountain project.

The travel experience

Usually visiting high mountains above 5000m require quite a bit of travelling. Enjoy the travel experience and the places you get to visit along the way. The journey to the mountains is more then only transportation if you want it to be so. Many mountain projects I have approached by bicycle carrying all the gear on the bicycle. I can recommend this approach for the added travel and adventure reward that this provides.

The camping experience 

Because the greatest campspots with the most breathtaking views are all above 6000m.


Campspot on 6400m on peak Korzhenevskaya, Tadjikistan


Total summits climbed above 5000m: 27

Full mountain collection can be found here.

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Link to donate to the Uplift house



Enjoy the Mountains,