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ValuBiz Capital Growth offers its customers access to recommendations on capital investments in profitable reviewed and selected companies in growth with very good prospects. You also get access to a secondary market where you can resell your purchase. By Valubiz investment model, you have a unique opportunity for investment in growth companies that are in an exciting phase of development. ValuBiz goal is that the value of your investment will double or more. Good luck with your own adventure Sören and you should have a big thanks from me for your participation.

. specializes in helping small business owners and individuals with computer support, web development, web shops and programming. With the objective of constantly high quality, easy to access and the cheapest on the market. Many thanks for your help with the website Aron Gilljam! is a family business started in 1955 in a small basement. They currently have three bike shops in Gothenburg and Uddevalla where they sell and repair / assemble bicycles. Cykelhuset is a company that focuses on quality over quantity. A big thanks to Erik Hansson who have helped me to upgrade my bike to face some of the toughest road conditions in the world. He is also a really good wheel builder which I have proved after many, many kilometers off tough roads riding without anything falling apart. are located in Germany and is a distributor for both Vaude and Salewa. German quality is not to be underestimated when you want the equipment to keep for longer trips. Danke Henner Ruscher!