After collecting the 10 highest summits of Central America I had some spare time. We did what excited us the most and got a flight to Cuba for some exotic bicycletouring experiences. I did a vlog about that trip, watch it here.




Cuba1 final

Havanna Cuba may 2016

After Cuba it was time to get back to Sweden for some recharging time. I did a small Norway roadtrip with my friend Sandra. Check out the first vlog here.


Roadbreak somewhere in Norway

I thought it would be cool to collect all my top 10 highest South American summits in one video. Find it here.


Break away from our consumption based society and go explore your true potential!

Next up is a rockclimbing trip to Norway again 🙂 This time further north. The plan is to do some epic tradclimbing routes. I will start post vlogs from this trip in the end of august.

Redbull posted a great piece about the benefits of the outdoors, read it here.


Make it a great day,








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    • Hello I am David Johnson’s sister and have been following your family’s journey. I am so happy your sweet baby girl Scout is doing so well. I am praying for great healing strength for Scout and strength for you both as you take care of your sweetie. I cannot imagine how physically and emtionally difficult it must be. I will continue praying for your family and send much positive thoughts and healing energy. Take care, Vicki

  1. En medio de circunstancias trágicas la decisión es lógica. Una vuelta de tuerca o una gota que no colma el vaso. Pero sí hay un problema en la naturalidad con que asumimos que los estigmas y las pulgas acaben en el perro más flaco en esta unión de mercaderes con sede en Bruselas.

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