9 reasons why you should choose to climb a high mountain

I dedicate a big part of my life to collecting summits all over the world and I wanted to share my main reasons why collecting high mountains is such a great thing to dedicate yourself to.


On the slopes of Peak Korzhenevskaya (7105m) Tadjikistan 2017

The summit gratification

The goal is very clear and the reward is topped off with a usually very beautiful 360 degree view. I always take time to take in the landscape and taking a few summit photos and videos. The harder the challenge the stronger the internal reward. There is no spectators in this arena but its still your arena and it can be very emotional, on my hardest solo ascents I have been screaming out loud like I would have scored the final goal in a world cup soccer final on other summits I have been crying because it can be a very emotional experience specially on the solo summits. The energy received at the summit can also make the descent easier. A small warning: the understanding of that the most accidents happen on the way down is also very important to be aware off. Willpower is needed to succeed but it can also kill you, if you are pushing yourself to hard and dont have enough energy to make it down.

How I live my life

I make better choices in everyday life when I have big mountain plans. I focus on training, recovery, nutrition, plenty of sleep and my mental health. All those components need to be in place during the preseason and that season is pretty much the hole year when I am not on the mountains. Living an active lifestyle also prevents aging and contributes to a better mental health and prevents depression symptoms.

Life on the mountain

The skill to survive outside of society in some of the toughest and coldest conditions this planet can present and on that pushing my body in the oxygen low environment that the high mountains presents. These situations are usually uncomfortable and presents great opportunity for mental practice. To still be grateful of life and keeping a positive state of mind is the way to push through hard moments for me and never let tiredness and fatigue affect how I view and respond to my climbing parters. If I can master this at altitude it will be easy to maintain in everday life and I do measure myself in the way I treat other people.

Dealing with failure

Sometimes I dont summit. To learn when to cancel a summit attempt is very important. It can be a great practice in recognizing the ego and having a bigger perspective on life when climbs dont go my way. Accepting defeat and improving for the next project is the way I choose. Make the summit or get new insights about yourself, the route, the weather or the agency that is providing your climb. In life we all fail sometimes and learning to deal failure is one of the best ways to improve in any area.

The nature experience beyond civilization vs materialism 

I feel most alive above 6000m were the air is thin, surviving is a struggle and the views are worldclass. Collecting these experiences have a greater value to me then owning any material thing.

Learning full responsibility

In a environment were there is no room for mistakes I learn to avoid them and prevent them, when you know the consequences can be death it shifts your focus. This is something very hard to simulate in society. Everything from equipment to partners needs to be overseen and potential risks considered. When a misstake happens its usually not the first that kills you but the following ones that are a result from the first one, so recognize them early from early signs of high altitude sickness to lack of your own knowledge about to the mountain. Learning to take real responsibility for your actions is more important then ever when living in a society that promotes mediocracy and consumption culture.

The adventure I get and the people I meet

The adventure in it self and all the unknown things and meetings that happen as a result from taking the decision to commit to a mountain project.

The travel experience

Usually visiting high mountains above 5000m require quite a bit of travelling. Enjoy the travel experience and the places you get to visit along the way. The journey to the mountains is more then only transportation if you want it to be so. Many mountain projects I have approached by bicycle carrying all the gear on the bicycle. I can recommend this approach for the added travel and adventure reward that this provides.

The camping experience 

Because the greatest campspots with the most breathtaking views are all above 6000m.


Campspot on 6400m on peak Korzhenevskaya, Tadjikistan


Total summits climbed above 5000m: 27

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12 obstacles that hold you back from creating your dream adventure!

When I identify my own obstacles on my journey towards new adventures these are some of the things that are coming up. To move forward its important to understand what is holding you back. I have been struggling with all of the obstacels mentioned at some degree. If you keep attention on these obstacles trough out your life I can promise you that you will be out on your dream adventure project much faster.


Obstacle 1:

Money, financial intelligence, and expensive lifestyle. Generating the economic situation needed to go on your dream adventure.


Best advice to someone similar to me that have a monthly salary is: Dont waste it all! Some of it needs to be saved for your future adventures. Pretend you earn less and have less to spend each month, then you will create the opportunity to put money away towards your project. Dont buy stuff you dont need and work extra hours to help your adventure budget.


Obstacle 2:

Dwelling on bad situations that can happen when you are on the road and being afraid to except the risks of adventures.


You need to be aware of the risks as good as possible but dont let that stop you from trying, or you will regret that when you are old and without the energy to create the adventure you once had in your mind. And getting in trouble is great mental practice. If you get in trouble you need to see it as great practice because the lessons learned will serve you for the rest of your life. I know this very well from experience. I have been exposed to robbery twice, theft twice, spending time in a holding cell in Mexico. But with the right mental attitude unforeseen situations are just obstacles that needs to be dealt with.

Obstacle 3:

Surrounded by people that dont inspire you to take action and distract you from putting in the work to make your adventure happen.


This is maybe the most primary reason that your adventure does still only exist in your mind. Stop listening to people that dont know anything about outdoor adventures. The probability that you are surrounded with people that know what they are talking about when it comes to outdoor projects and human powered travel is just very low. There is two reasons for this. Reason one being our collective knowledge for what is possible to do outdoors on our own is very low on average is society. The second reason is that if you would have been surrounded by people who were taking action on their dreams, you would probably be out now doing what you were meant to do. So choose a new environment for your passion to get the right support from your new social circle. Tip: join communities online.

We all start somewere, this is the starting point of my first bicycletour back in 2001. We made it about 300km down to my friends summer house in Skåne, south of Sweden. Im in far right in the picture getting some last minute advice from mom 😉


Obstacle 4:

Sugar, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gaming, gambling, partying, over eating, social gratification, materialistic gratification… When your addictions gets off balance and take away chunks of your time and contribute to lower quality of your well being that leads to lower motivation, happiness and focus on what you really need to do with your time to achieve your goals.


Higher awareness. Identify habits. Identify whats holding you back that affect your state of mind negatively that can be exchanged for a more healthy state of mind that will give you the window of clear thinking and making it easier to plan or stay on track with your dreams. This one is tricky and very personal but all off us have things that hold us back. And all of us have the potential to make changes and adjustments in our lifestyles to direct the mind into healthier habits.


Obstacle 5:

Loss of time and digital entertainment distraction from moving towards your goals.


Make sure to create an environment online were your attention is exposed to learning and expanding on your interests. Focus on creating the best daily feed for you and learn how to sort out the information that is distraction or only pure entertainment. Everyone wants your attention so treat your attention as a currency invested mostly into your development and inspiration.

Obstacle 6:

There is a really high probability that nobody in your daily surroundings wants to support your quest for a next level life experience.


Dont mind your employer or workmates, following your dreams requires you to be the strongest force behind your actions. Treat people with respect, but recognize that you might have to switch environment and social circle to expand and grow. Learn to say no. So quitting your job is an option. If you know how to create value for your company and building a good relationship with your employers you might figure out a way to be a part time employed so you can go on your adventures in between work periods. Thats how I am living life right now, working until june this year and then I am off again on a new outdoor high altitude project.

Göran Kropp in Turkey 1995. On his way cycling from Sweden to Nepal and then climbing Everest without supplementary oxygen. Probably the most famous modern adventure made by a Swedish person to this day. Photo shared from Renatas Chlumskas homepage here.


Obstacle 7:

Comfortable in the comfortzone, trapped in the comfort society and afraid of discomfort.

You will never get the feeling of exploring new horizons if you stay on land all the time. Satisfaction is maybe holding you back, living only off the comfort provided by society will long term make your mind weak and vulnerable to changes and your body will age faster as it requires physical stress to build up the anti inflammatory systems.


Exposing yourself to controlled discomfort as in sports, outdoor activity’s and other experiences that makes your mind and body to function on a higher level will benefit your overall well being and contribute to the personal development needed for you to create your adventures.

Obstacle 8:

Material possessions. Focusing your time, energy and cash to consume and collect stuff that wont contribute to you taking any step closer to the starting line of your project.


For the same money you buy a second hand car you could travel around the world on a bicycle. You need to start comparing materialistic investment to the values of experiences, to make the shift. How to become a minimalist and readjust your belief system for what you really need? Try a bicycletour and live life for a couple of weeks with only the materialistic possessions you can carry on the bicycle, this will help you get the insight that you can be totally happy, free and healthy with only the stuff you can carry and transport yourself. Everything else is a great luxury.

Obstacle 9:

Relationships you have that hold you back.


Dont blame yourself for how others might react to your adventure plans. The people that supports you are the ones that you need to spend more time with. But dont underestimate to have some of your greatest disbelievers close to you, it can be a great practice in sharing your values and lifestyle ideas. If you explain that this is what makes you happy, you are off with a good start. Nobody except you knows what you need more of in your life to be happy and fulfilled.


The greatest adventures are out there for you to create.

Obstacle 10:

Fear of what others might Think and emotions connected to fear in general.


This is something that keeps you from exploring your true potential. Many times this is unconscious and we cant recognize it ourselves until we build awareness around it.
Awareness can be build around your emotional systems to identify when surtain emotions are coming up then you can focus on the feeling of the emotion and not acting on it. Fear response is a very natural response that comes up for us in different situations, its when we learn to identify it and properly see the situation that were causing it we can move forward without the feeling of fear. Try rockclimbing and try to identify exactly when you feel fear and dont act on it, just identify if you actually are in real danger or is your mind freaking out and you are perfectly safe, potentially taking a controlled ropefall. Next time in the same situation the fear will be less or go away because there were no real danger in the first place. Same approach works on many other fear related obstacles.

Obstacle 11:

Negative thinking and “I can’t” mentality.


Its important to understand that you can become capable of great things when you observe your thought processes. Stop being a prisoner to your mind and start building awareness around your negative thoughts. You should only choose thoughts that serve and help you in the right direction. Let others challenge you with their negativity but dont create it inside of yourself because it won’t help you working towards your adventures.

Obstacle 12:

Your beliefs and your doubts.


Building your confidence up by taking away all insecurities through experience you collect along the way. Dedication and continuity are the two most important things to consider to create what you are dreaming of doing. For example I find it quite easy to save money and training for my adventures as exploring the planet is my biggest passion. How important is it for you to embark on your dream adventure? If its important enough you will pass all the obstacles in the way. Nobody knows your true potential. Dont underestimate yourself.

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Top 10 benefits of going on a human powered outdoor travel adventure

May it be bicycletouring, trailrunning, hiking, climbing, skiing or other outdoor activity. There are great benefits to travel outdoors and this list will give you some direct understanding to why.


Bonete Chico 2

Puna de Atacama Argentina the peak visible is Veladero (6436m) Once you leave the paved roads and with that the last connection to civilization the adventure feeling is undeniable.



1. Your body and mind were not designed through evolution to sit still indoors. When you start to activate your body with motion in a natural environment your systems will thank you with all kinds of benefits from feelings of joy to increased immune system functionality.


2. Your tolerance for other people will grow. Your patience for experiences in general will expand. Patience and accepting what is at any moment, is another great quality that will be forced to development out of exposing yourself to the less comfortable elements of outdoor adventures like weather management or pushing through a long day.

3. Experiencing the kindness and being able to connect to strangers through the way you travel. There is a big difference arriving in a jeep or a bicycle to a remote village somewhere on the planet. People react depending on your means of transportation. People will recognize your fearless attitude, travelling exposed to the world and just might want to help you out, with food, water or accommodation.

4. Escaping the ordinary. Everyday will be a new day with new experiences and new people. You will not know where you will be sleeping next and that will be a great feeling of freedom.



Enjoy the greatest artistic work on the planet! Photo taken in Cordillera Blanca range, Peru


5. You will experience the greatest artist of them all, nature. It can be very fulfilling exploring new places in nature that are visually rewarding. Bring a camera and capture the greatest moments, colors, summits, mountains, waterfalls and sunsets.

6. You will have time to catch up with your favorite podcast or book. If the landscape is not enough to entertain you there is a full internet universe to dig into and expand on your interests, download and enjoy beyond the borders of civilization.


7. Human powered adventures directly translates to putting in the work that will generate  greater rewards later on. It can be a meal, a camp spot or a destination. Your fitness and body function will also rise and adapt to the activity that you are doing.

8. Confidence that is created with a completed adventure project will boost you into new spaces in your mind and ideas for greater adventures in the future. It will make you dream bigger.


9. Going solo will make it easier for you to meet new people from around the world and you can find out who you are outside of your group of friends or coworkers. It will also help you to develop your relationship with yourself. You will appreciate relationships and friendships more once you have been without them for a while.


10. Creating memories for a lifetime is something of true value that cant be taken away from you. Going through an adventure with friends will create a special bond that will last for a lifetime and can bring a lot of value through the years when you see each other again and bring up that time you climbed a mountain or cycled across the planet.



Completing Tanglangla pass (5328m) highest road pass I have done with a fully loaded bicycle. North India.


My top 10 advice to consider while you plan your adventure read here.

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Top 10 most inspiring extreme travel instagram accounts

If you are interested in adventure travel, exploring beyond civilization and outdoor challenges then these accounts will give you value. Im following 1122 Instagram accounts and want to share with you some of my hand picked favorites and most inspiring accounts that I have come across on the Instagram platform.

My guidelines this time have been:

  • Mental and physical challenges in nature
  • Value created in text
  • Visual value

No specific order ranking of the accounts. Enjoy!

First out is Fredrika Ek that right now is on a circumnavigation of the planet on her bicycle. She is sharing the bicycletouring experience with a positive mindset on the adventure cycling life.



Mike Horn have been in the adventure game for a long time. He has done a lot of impressive and truly challenging adventures. His latest adventure is Pole2pole and he has just completed the first part. More about that impressive journey in his Instagram feed below.



Chris Burkard is maybe not the most extreme adventurer but he knows how to capture beautiful moment beyond civilization just check out his surfing shots from the remote and cold locations across the planet.  High visual value here!



I meet Jesse Dixon last year while resting in Salta, Argentina after climbing volcano Llullaillaco (6741m). He was cycling then, and is still on the road in Colombia right now exploring with his bicycle. Great insights to the bicycletouring life.



Eskil Digernes is an norwegian photographer that have a great collection of outdoor photos. The visual value is very high indeed.



This is my friend Lars Bengssons account. He has been cycling on and off since 2004 and shares his best captures and stories from those years. Inspirational stuff as usual.



Nate Heald is an accomplished high altitude alpinist from the United States. He spends a lot of his time exploring new routes and unclimbed mountains in Peru. He is also the only one guiding on many of the technical peaks around Cuzco area in Peru.



Jenny Tough is a world traveller and adventurer she has cycled, ran, hiked, sailed, trekked, kayaked, skied, surfed, and camped across six continents. Great adventure inspiration from across the planet.



Kilian Jornet is an inspiration because of his love for the mountains that made him the greatest skyrunner on the planet. During 2017 he will try to set a new speed record on Everest.



Dave Watson shares inspiring high altitude mountaineering and skiing photography, check it out.



If you have an Instagram account that you think should be in here also put up a link in comments and I will update the blogpost with bonus Instagram accounts that belongs in this post!

Bonus accounts:

Jimmy Chin is a climber, skier and photographer, another great Instagram adventure account. Thanks for the tip Joubert De bruyn and enjoy crossing all seven continents!



Hope you have enjoyed this blogpost!


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Top 10 of my best advice to getting started with your own adventures!

After about 10 years of experience creating big adventures like cycling to China from Sweden or climbing the 10 highest peaks in Americas. I want to share with you some of my best tools to disconnect from my habits in society and going from idea to real life adventures, creating memories for a lifetime. 

Doesn’t matter if you want to be able to explore the wilderness outside your town or travel across the globe to climb first accents, this will help you, keep yourself centered and remembering the important stuff that will keep you on your path towards exploration beyond civilization and society or explorations beyond your earlier perceived mental and physical limitations.


Highcamp at about 5900m of Ojos del Salado (6893m), worlds highest vulcano. In this area I dident see any human for eight days and had no connection to the outside world at all. I believe everyone needs to experience a true disconnect from society at least once during their existance to reflect on life and gain perspective.

So let me share with you my best tools tools to do this:

1. Continuity, commitment and long term investment of your time! You should do something everyday that brings you closer to the starting line, it can be training, visualization, planning or working on your social media presence, or a combination of everything. Connect to others with similar interest and put your time and energy into the process.

2. Priority! The adventure you want to create must have enough priority for you to change habits that have previously hold you back. When your priories are set, its easy to set aside time to whats truly important for you.

3. Money for adventures! It needs to be saved while working. Your value creation for others can also be transformed to money or equipment for your project. Sponsorships and cooperations can be created, it all depends on the values you can bring.


Invited for Yak butter tea in a Tibetan village. The kindness of strangers is a great experience, bring something small from your home country and give as a gift. If the people are very poor it can be a good idea to give away a small amount of money.

4. Purpose! Look deep inside of you and define the reasons clearly for your adventure. Your motivation to follow through what you are set out to do is dependent on your purpose to be important to you, otherwise you might be back home sooner then expected when things are starting to challenge your comfort levels.

5. Training and preparations! This is the optimal way creating the best conditions for you to enjoy the planet while on your adventure. It will also help you prevent injury and help your body deal with the physical challenges. Visualization combined with physical training like running is powerful and will accelerate your journey and build confidence. When you start to get goosebumps while training and thinking of the adventure, thats how you know that you are on the right path. Trust those goosebumps on your skin!

6. Nutrition! Look over your eating habits, and experiment with foods and spices that will be available during your adventure. When you travel to new places your stomach will experience a lot of new bacteria. Your bacteria culture will change and trust me it will make an impact to your overall experience and might even make you cancel your adventure. It can be hard to imitate the bacteria culture of India for example thats why a lot of people that goes there will have at least a couple of panic shits or experience other stomach issues. The people that dont have any problems usually have plenty of travel experience and have build up a solid army of bacteria from all over the planet. So my advice is, give your system some time to adapt to the new location and food alternatives before pushing your body into a challenging adventure.

7. Gear! Its important that you can sleep and recover properly while camping out. Put money into this. A good tent that wont rip apart in windy conditons and get you wet is crucial to your recovery and overall experience. Also consider weight to function ratio of things. I dont have the newest gear and I like to carry a lot.  So dont be afraid to go heavy or opposite ultralight. It all depends on your priorities.


I use a 105 liter backpack from Mountain Hardwear. I like things that last specially when I am on a long adventure.

8. Fear and attitude! A lot of the fear for what you are about to embark on is manifested in your super cautious preparations. Remember that if all things are known about your adventure its not an adventure anymore. All doubt in yourself needs to be handled and be replaced by positivism. This dosent mean that you should go and climb Everest without oxygen next month. It means that when you are ready you will know when that time arrives, and that journey is accelerated by a daily positive mind!

9. Get inspired! Use your free time to read about others that are doing similar things to what you want to create. Start follow these people on social medias and get daily inspiration. Also when your value system and that inner voice is craving adventure it should by itself inspire you to new explorations.

10. Lets go! Stop hesitating and act on your intuition today. Create something new that will show you more of your authentic self, and deepen your own spiritual connection. I recommend exploring solo or with a partner or a larger group of friends, all have their benefits and are worth trying. To start and get your questions some answers join some facebook communities were random friendly people will help you on your journey, just dont be afraid to ask for advice, people will help you out for free. To ask me for advice just connect with me on facebook, Instagram or youtube.

Here is a list of facebook adventure communities that will help you create your adventure:

English speaking adventurers alliance:


Mostly for Scandinavian adventurers but open for everyone, I am active here:


Do you need help with creating a bicycletour?


Swedish bicycletouring community, I am also active here:


Mountain Adventures:




Trailrunning Sweden:


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Cover photo for this blogpost taken by Lostcyclist on the high altitude Puna desert in Argentina. Check out his great homepage here.