High altitude training in Argentina before climbing Everest in May.

Its been a while since I was in the big mountains. After climbing Manaslu in 2018 I have been focusing on work and training until now. That is because Everest is an expensive climb and I have to pay it from my own pocket.

Finally the time have come to do what I love and Im leaving for Argentina on February 11. I will start of with visiting the Cordon del Plata range outside Mendoza for base acclimatization and get the body used to high altitude. I climbed in the area once before an it offers nice views and summits up to almost 6000m.

After that the idea is to climb Vulcano Tupungato (6500m) from Argentina side. This Vulcano is not frequently climbed from the argentinian side because its remote and the walk in to the summit is about 67km, then you have to get back aswell.

Another challenge is the river crossings on the way in. It migth be impossible to cross. So this one is a bit of a proper adventure with little info and unsure outcome and that makes it very exciting!

In Mars I will be travelling to Fiambala and climb some 6000m plus vulcanoes in the area and also try to sleep inside the crater of the highest vulcano in the world, Ojos del Salado (6893m). That should make for some great acclimatization!

If everything works out fine in Americas I will continue with my Everest plan and climb without bottled oxygen and without sherpa assistance. The only swede that has climbed Everest without bottled oxygen was Goran Kropp back in 1996.

I will need to be in Nepal around April 5 to fix everything for big E and set of as soon as possible to get up on altitude again. The plan is to walk in from lower altitude to get more training and avoid flying into Lukla.

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Aco walk in 2013

Photo from my walk in to Aconcagua basecamp 2013. On Tuesday starts my trip back to the high Andes mountains!

New videos from the Pamirs

This season I decided to walk alone into the Pamirs and Moskvina basecamp:

Later on I acclimatized on Korzhenevskaya mountain that I summited last season.

I did another acclimatization trip with the guides to put up fixed ropes on Kommunizma peak up to 6100m.

After all this I was ready for a summit attempt. We were a team of five people that climbed in a group and reached the summit as the first team of the season.


Summit of Peak Kommunizma (7495m) From left: Jörgen Farner (Norway), Tomek Kaźmierczak (Poland) and Arek Pawłowski (Poland) missing team mate Ivan Tomov, was already on his way down (Bulgaria)


In late August I will travel to Nepal and try to find a fair deal for Manaslu 8160m. If I can do that I will climb this mountain in late September,early October.

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Spot gps tracker

Douglas Asplund borrowed me his spot tracker. While trekking probably alone in the Pamirs for a week and on peak Kommunizma I will post updates on the map below of my position. But dont count that it will work a 100% sometimes the signal wont connect to the sattelites. Anyway follow my position below probably going to try and upload my position at my daily campspots.


Cycling to the FIFA world cup 2018

I reached my goal Nizhny Novgorod after cycling 2500km from my hometown, Göteborg. It was fantastic to be at the Nizhny stadium and watch Sweden win over South Korea in their first world cup game. Here is my drone video summary of the tour:

Betfinal.com did video series about the journey as well and the first part you can watch below:

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Now its time for new adventures in fantastic Tadjikistan!